Czech roses of the 1930ies

At first, the roses bred by Jan Böhm and Dr. Gustav Brada,  both from former Chechslovakia, were thought to be a part of the collection of German roses, although this geographically is - of course - not correct. The thoughts that led to that were, that the roses by Böhm and Dr. Brada were bred not for the Czechian market, but mainly for the market in Western Europe.


During the last years, quite a lot of roses bred by these two breeders became commercially available again, so the collection grew in this direction too. Because of that it is thought that the roses by Jan Böhm and Dr. G. Brada deserve to be in a collection of their own.




Jan Böhm

Jan Böhm was the son of Jan Nepomuk Böhm, a renowned gardener and rosarian. Jan Böhm  was born on November 25, 1885 in Prague and died in Blatná on April 4, 1959. He was expected to become a gardener by his family in his childhood already; after WWI he founded a nursery in Blatná where he also carried out his own breeding. His enterprise went well, each year his nursery produced about 1 million roses. Meanwhile,he wrote a few books and a number of articles. Böhm's nursery introduced a variety of roses created by some other Czech breeders as well and it popularized many Geschwind's roses.


The nursery was nationalized in 1952.

Böhm himself bred over seventy roses, many of which obtained international awards (i.e. fourteen gold medals) and up to the present day they are to be found in numerous European rose gardens.

Dr. Gustav Brada

Gustav Brada was born on September 26, 1883 in Hroubovice near Chrudim, he died in Prague on March 8, 1937. He was neither a gardener, nor a botanist – but he was one of the few amateur rose lovers (even in global comparison) who managed to breed their own varieties with oudstanding success. He probably studied in Vienna and then worked as a production engineer in several sugar refineries in today's Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria. Finally, he was appointed production manager of the sugar refinery in Zdice.

Brada was a member of the "Verein deutscher Rosenfreunde (VdR) and published some articles in the "Rosenzeitung", the periodical of the VdR. Most of his breedings were definitely bred in Bohemia, where he befriended with Jan Böhm, who introduced his roses. His most famous breeding is 'Poéma', which was awarded a prize in Paris.

The pictures and biographical data concerning Jan Böhm and Dr. Gustav Brada appear with courtesy of the Czech Rosa Club.