The collection of Old German roses

The term "German" in connection of the roses we are gathering defies pure geographical as well as any political reference. Apart from the fact that the German national territory has changed quite a lot over the last 140 years, and this timespan finds its rosy way into our garden, we did not want to be restricted in such a formal way.


The roses of the collection appear in  alhabetical order. You can either use the menue buttons on the right or the following internal links.


New results of intense rose research by Erich Unmuth and Andrea Buchmann, published in the "Rosenjahrbuch 2011" (Yearbook 2011) of the German Rose Society, seem to prove, that quite a number of roses, that travel under names of roses bred by Rudolf Geschwind, are in fact wrong. Until further investigation, cultivars in my rosary, that are doubt ful, bear the remark:

Probably wrong!